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Insight Genetics Names Chief Technology Officer

by Insight Genetics
March 30, 2015

Insight Genetics, a molecular diagnostics company focused on advancing precision medicine in cancer care, announced today that Rob Seitz has joined its leadership team as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

“Rob is a proven leader and visionary in precision medicine with extensive expertise in two areas that are critical to our company – lung cancer and breast cancer,” said Christopher Callaghan, President and COO of Insight Genetics. “He has leadership experience in cancer diagnostics combined with a keen mind for business strategy and product development. His skills will be invaluable as Insight Genetics continues to innovate in developing and bringing new assays to market.”

As CTO, Mr. Seitz is responsible for overseeing the advancement of research into clinically validated tests. In particular, Mr. Seitz will oversee the development and commercialization of genetic assays for the identification of triple negative breast cancer—a highly aggressive form of breast cancer— using technology licensed out of the Vanderbilt Ingram Cancer Center.

Prior to joining Insight Genetics, Mr. Seitz was Senior Vice President for Technology Assessment at Clarient, Inc., a clinical cancer testing laboratory. He also served as CEO and co-founder of Applied Genomics, Inc. (AGI) prior to its acquisition by Clarient. Mr. Seitz oversaw the creation and development of the Clarient Insight™Dx Mammostrat™ and Pulmotype ®, personalized medicine products offered by GE Healthcare/Clarient for breast and lung cancer treatments. Additionally, he was responsible for executing AGI’s overall business strategy, including fundraising and investor relations, establishing and managing collaborations, and product development. 

Mr. Seitz earned his B.S. in chemistry from the University of South Alabama and obtained a M.Div. at Fuller Theological Seminary.