Products Overview

Through significant investment in Research and Development to design the right assay on the right platform, Insight Genetics’ products are developed with the intended use of each assay in mind. Our laboratory is equipped with cutting-edge molecular diagnostic platforms to allow for the development of sensitive and specific assays that provide rapid results.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Originally compatible with microarray expression data, Insight Genetics has developed the Insight TNBCtype triple negative breast cancer assay using Next Generation Sequencing whole exome RNA-Seq data. The assay assigns a TNBC subtype to each patient sample. We are currently involved in several studies to optimally match TNBC subtypes to the best course of therapy. In addition, Insight TNBCtype determines the presence or absence of an immune classifier that may correlate with response to immunotherapies. 

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Insight Genetics is developing a suite of molecular tests related to key cancer targets beginning with anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK), ROS1 and RET fusions, and ALK inhibitor resistance mutations. These genes and their mutations and fusions are important biomarkers that can predict response to targeted therapies.

Our assays utilize real-time PCR-based, multiplex PCR, and Next Generation Sequencing platforms and are designed to improve the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer. They are fast, accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-use and can inform the selection of the appropriate course of treatment for a patient. They also help monitor the effectiveness of the selected therapy on an ongoing basis and provide genetic information associated with the development of disease progression due to inhibitor resistance.  

Learn more about our TNBC and NSCLC assays and our pipeline of products in development.