Insight Genetics is developing patented and proprietary assays related to biomarkers and technologies.

Insight Genetics is dedicated to the design, development, and commercialization of molecular diagnostic assays in oncology. Our pipeline is focused on the detection of biomarkers from solid tumors in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Additionally, our R&D program includes collaborative partnerships on non-invasive biomarker detection from blood. 

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Primary NSCLC Drivers:

The ability to simultaneously run multiple assays on one patient sample is changing how patients are tested prior to treatment. Lung cancer patients benefit from testing for multiple biomarkers all at once, including ALK, as it allows for the physician to understand the genetic makeup of the patient’s tumor much more rapidly than sequential testing. Insight Genetics is partnering with leading Multiplex Platform companies to 1) add multiplex testing to our Insight Molecular Labs test menu and 2) out-license content.

Targeted Inhibitor Resistance:

The development of resistance to targeted therapies due to genetic changes in a patient’s tumor can require a change in treatment during disease progression. Building off of our expertise with ALK inhibitor resistance mutations, we are also developing additional resistance monitoring assays. For more information about our pipeline or to inquire about a collaboration, please contact us.

Non-Invasive Testing:

Testing for targeted inhibitor resistance mutations from a blood sample allows for more frequent examination of a patient’s tumor burden. This information may help guide a patient’s treatment course, allowing for more rapid response to changes in the tumor biology with relevant targeted therapies.