Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be characterized a number of different ways: ER-positive for tumors driven by Estrogen Receptors, PR-positive for tumors driven by Progesterone Receptors or HER2-positive for tumors driven by HER2-neu gene receptors. A patient that is positive for any of these three markers has targeted therapies available to them. Tumors that are not positive for any of these three known receptors fall into a fourth category, known as triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

In many ways, TNBC is the last frontier in breast cancer, as there are currently no targeted therapeutics available for this population. Treatment options that are currently under development for TNBC face significant challenges and have been met with mixed results in clinical trials. Diagnostic options are extremely limited, and TNBC-specific directed therapeutic options do not yet exist.

Insight Genetics’ proprietary Insight TNBCtype™ platform not only serves as a diagnostic assay to elucidate TNBC tumor biology, but also provides a biomarker discovery tool for the pharma and biotech industries to better identify and target the molecular drivers of TNBC.

We have partnered with Dr. Jennifer Pietenpol and her laboratory at Vanderbilt University, whose seminal work on TNBC subtyping is changing the way the disease is approached.  

Insight Genetics aims to shine a light on TNBC and lead the way in developing meaningful diagnostics that open up a new realm of information and therapies for TNBC patients and their treatment teams.  


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